5 Amazing Upcoming Smartphone Features

Upcoming Smartphone Features: The smartphone industry evolved over the last few years but the future is far more interesting than the past so in this post, we’re going to talk about the top five trends upcoming in smartphones things that either we really think are going to happen or things that we would really like to see the first thing is bezel as displays now 2017.

we are very likely to see a smartphone with a 90 percent screen volume ratio and as we head closer towards this direction it’s incredibly exciting because it means we can get not only this futuristic aesthetic but also a smartphone that is incredibly practical there is no wasted space on the front of the phone you don’t have to be an expert in smartphones to know that one of the main problems people have with them other lithium-ion batteries inside they are incredibly bulky they don’t hold their charge for often longer than a day and they also take a long time to charge.

5 Amazing Upcoming Smartphone Features

companies are very much aware of Upcoming Smartphone Features though and whilst it has been a very long time coming to any sort of replacement to lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries there are some on the horizon they’ve got solid-state batteries we’ve got fuel cells but perhaps the most promising is graphene which could correct most of the battery woes we have with our smartphones right now but also shave two millimeters off the thickness of your phone.

there is one company that is leading the way with this known as graphene nano now they’re developing batteries for cars and using7this graphing technology they’ve managed to build a battery that could sustain a car over 500 miles using that same technology in a smartphone and you could be looking at a transformative level of battery life not to mention less weight and faster charging times in the meantime as this technology matures though we could see something else quite interesting when it comes to wireless charging the technology which as it stands hasn’t really reached its peak it’s a little bit fiddly and it’s a little bit slow but we’re starting to see in some public areas like coffee shops people can walk in take their coffee and sit down at their tables with their laptop and Ferns out and the company.

a laptop can be charging your phone can be charging just by sitting there with no cables no faff you don’t even need to think about it and this seems very likely to become a trend across many public spaces the next Upcoming Smartphone Feature is instant biometric access now smartphones have been on a bit of a journey when it comes to authentication methods originally we had the password which yes was fairly secure but at the same time was really cumbersome when the smartphones really started to come to the fore we had the phone number pin Henry Hadley patent on Android devices and these are far simpler input methods but at the same time they do lose a bit.

Upcoming Smartphone Features

when it comes to security enter a fingerprint scanners were first introduced into a smartphone in 2007 believe it or not by Toshiba but they weren’t popularized until the iPhone 5s in 2013 and now as we sit here in late 2017 it’s almost criminal if a flagship phone doesn’t have one and fingerprints are great they’re far easier to enter even than a pin or a patent and they’re even more secure but the next generation is really the face or the iris scanner.

the reason for that is it requires even less human effort and we start to see this in firms like the Galaxy Note phones and the iPhone 10 when it comes to biometric access on a phone there are two things that are causing a delay the first one is you need to take an action,

the first section though is to reduce the time it takes you to take that action that’s exactly what we saw when you move from a fingerprint scanner to a face scanner instead of fiddling around your finger to find the socket all you need to do no is lift your phone a little bit and from this, we can start to see where the future is an authentication method that requires even less time than the current face ID or iris scan as we see is a progression and so hopefully in a couple of years time, we’ll have it so that you won’t even need to lift your phone up simply need to be present somewhere in the phone’s field of view.

the phone could be able to constantly track you with the front camera and as scary as it sounds it could be very useful Upcoming Smartphone Features for example your device could continually be knowing that you’re the one who’s using it and therefore you’d never need to authenticate anything you’d never need to enter a password and you’ll also never need to enter your credit card information everything would just be done automatically number four flexible displays and whilst we’ve seen these being talked about ever since 2011 we are still fairly far from a post-production model.

even the Samsung Galaxy X which should be released in 2018 or 2019 with Upcoming Smartphone Features or the ZTE Axon M which looked read just released aren’t flexible phones these are more just vulnerable phones when we truly get flexible smartphones to imagine the possibilities you could be using your smartphone just as normal in a standard form factor and when you’re done you could just fold it up into half the size you could have a 7.5 an 8-inch display.

which then folds up to half the form factor that is no larger than a current 4-inch screen phone the next trend is essentially a replacement for the conventional virtual keyboards here’s the thing humans have very powerful brains that work at many times the pace that their limbs can keep up with have you ever felt when you’re having a conversation with someone over Facebook messenger or Twitter but you just can’t be bothered to keep typing because your brain is thinking things a thousand times the speed that you’re typing them and it.

that actually reflects the mood it was set in as a stands voice recognition is just getting good enough to differentiate between different people’s voices so for example you can now set up a voice lock on your phone so that if I talk the phone knows it’s me and unlocks but that’s still a very basic form of the technology and AI needs to get better but it’s on the way as you may know with the Huawei mate 10 that’s just been released there is the first phone that has a dedicated chip to process AI tasks.

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