Our mission

We help companies comb through big data sets and realize otherwise hidden trends, opportunities and threats to their business.

About Zitanlodge

At Zitanlodge, we firmly believe in your potential for success, recognizing that leveraging big data can be instrumental in attaining optimal outcomes for your business, or target market.

Our story

Zitanlodge originated from the humble beginnings of a single woman armed with a laptop and a passion for enhancing people's comprehension of data and empowering them to make informed decisions in their everyday lives. What began as a modest side project swiftly evolved into a flourishing enterprise, now employing a small but dedicated team. Initially, Lilo primarily concentrated on data analysis and visualization, but as the company expanded, their expertise in handling substantial datasets became increasingly prominent.

Presently, zitanlodge collaborates with renowned brands to decipher the vast reservoirs of data within the digital realm. By leveraging their collective prowess, they strive to unravel the complexities of this information and extract meaningful insights. Together, they navigate the ever-growing ocean of digital data, illuminating patterns and trends that can inform strategic decision-making for these esteemed partners.


Qualified employees

Not only is our team full of professionals – we're a fun bunch, too.


Projects delivered

Last year, we successfully completed over 100 individual projects worldwide.


Key industries

We have specialist experience in a handful of industries.

Who are we

Data Analysts

At Zitanlodge, our in-house data analysts adopt a hands-on approach to data, placing a strong emphasis on clear communication with our clients.

Data Engineers

We are proud to have a team that possesses a strong educational foundation from a prestigious institution like Boston University.


Through effective collaboration, our designers work hand in hand with our team, leveraging their data analysis skills.


We recognize the critical role that data plays in driving strategic decision-making and achieving business goals.

Why choose us?

At Zitanlodge, we have unwavering faith in your ability to succeed, and we firmly believe that big data can serve as a catalyst in achieving optimal results for your business, irrespective of your industry or target market.

Global experience

we have collaborated with multinational corporations, as well as smaller businesses hailing from every corner of the globe.

Quality for value

At Zitanlodge, our principle is to deliver short of the highest quality to our clients, regardless of the circumstances

Favorable terms

At Zitanlodge, we believe in a client-centric approach where every project we undertake is custom-tailored to meet the exact needs of our clients

High standards

At Zitanlodge, we hold a strong commitment to the integrity and value of data.

Happy clients

Our clients' continued engagement and collaboration with us on future projects requiring big data insights speak volumes about our commitment to excellence

John Bjerrand

I work in agricultural consulting, meaning that we often need to use big and complex datasets to justify expensive investments for our clients. Lilo's consultants helped us see the big picture with their visualization tools and expertise.

Anna Claudio

As the in-house supplier manager, it's sometimes had to understand which manufacturers work best for our needs. Lilo's data analysis helped us identify where we could save and which manufacturers worked the best for us in the long term.

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