5 Amazing Upcoming Smartphone Features

Upcoming Smartphone Features: The smartphone industry evolved over the last few years but the future is far more interesting than the past so in this post, we’re going to talk about the top five trends upcoming in smartphones things that either we really think are going to happen or things that we would really like to see the first … Read more


The four teams in Group C in the 2014 World Cup will be starting a number of firsts this year. All of these teams have never met each other in the World Cup before. One of these teams is particularly making its first appearance in the World Cup since 1998. In addition, none of these … Read more


Group B in the 2014 World Cup will feature the world’s top soccer side according to the current FIFA rankings. The competition for the second slot in the next part of the World Cup is expected to be close as well. This is the group of surprise as the pundits are calling it; the one … Read more

FIFA World Cup Group A

The Festival is here! The first of eight groups in the 2014 World Cup will include the host country plus three others from different parts of the world. This may prove to be a rather competitive group even though the host country is heavily expected to win the group. Brazil Brazil automatically qualified into the … Read more

FIFA World Cup Team Analysis – Greece

Greece is in Group C for the 2014 Brazil World Cup. The strength of Greece lies in its defense, which has helped them keep a higher number of clean sheets. They were also one of the four teams which has not conceded a goal from outside their penalty area and one of the three teams … Read more