FIFA World Cup Team Analysis – Germany

Germany is one of those teams that have failed to live up to the expectations placed on them. As harsh as it may sound, that’s the sad truth. Historically a very successful country in football, off late, they have developed a choking condition where they are unable to perform when it matters the most. If it was a one-off occurrence, it would not have mattered. But starting from the 2002 World Cup, Germany has been in either the semifinals or the finals of almost all the tournaments but yet have not added to their trophy haul. With an experienced and talented team being played this time round, one can only hope that Germany will realize its potential and go on to win the big prize.

FIFA World Cup Team Analysis Germany


As expected, Germany has been in unbeatable form during the Qualification campaign. If it can be recalled, it was the same during the Euro Qualification campaign too. But what needs to be seen is if Germany can break their shackles and go on to win the big prize by playing the same eye-catching football that they have been doing for quite some years now. Anything but a tournament win will be seen as a failure by the fans and the rest of the football world.


The biggest shock in the 30 man provisional squad selected by manager Joachim Loew is the omission of Mario Gomez. Gomez has not been fit for the most part of the season, and with Loew’s assertion that he will only select those that are in full fitness, maybe this omission shouldn’t have been that surprising. Another omission that made the news was that of youngster max Kruse, who has been in fine form throughout the season. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make the cut either. It will be interesting to see who makes it to the final 23 man squad for Germany.


Germany has almost never had any problem negotiating the group stage of any tournament, and it is certain to be the same this time too. While there are some big names in their group with the likes of Portugal, Ghana and USA, it will be more a case of who can finish second as first place is certain to be held by Germany. Of course, Portugal, and to an extent USA, can prove to be pitfalls, but Germany certainly have the talent to win over these challenges. It would certainly be surprising if Germany do not manage to finish top of the group.

World Cup chances

It will be a brave man who will dismiss the chances of Germany winning the World Cup, considering the wealth of talent they have. Though they have not won any tournament for quite a long time, they have not exactly been under-achieving either. It is up to the players and the manager to ensure that there are no fitness problems, and more importantly, nerves, if they are to go on to win the title. Whether they can do it is something we’ll all have to wait and see.

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