FIFA World Cup Team Analysis – Honduras

Honduras is in Group E for the 2014 Brazil World Cup. Honduras won three games playing home and one game playing away with totally of three draws and three losses. Honduras has qualified thrice before for World Cup and has never went through the first round of the World Cup, in fact, they did not even score a goal in their last outing. Honduras’ last World Cup outing resulted in three losses and three draws in the six games it played. However, Group E rivals Switzerland would be careful of Honduras, as they lost their chance to qualify last outing because of a nil-nil draw against Honduras. Honduras scored a higher amount of goals in the last quarter of the match.


They were particularly good from the corners, which they used to maximum effect. Defensively they were strongest on the left side. Honduras lack the star power and they tend to play well as a team. Their attack was one of the least reliable during qualifying, as they have not scored for 44% of their matches. Their defense also struggled as they conceded two or more goals in 38% of their matches.

Coach Luis Fernando Suarez will be the one to count upon, as he has infamously led then Ecuadorian team to the knockout stages in the 2006 World Cup in Germany. The Colombian joined the team in 2011, after his bout with Ecuador.

Maynor Figueroa would be a key player for the team. The centre-back would be a key asset in the defensive lines and would also be able to rally his team forward. Figueroa, whose birthplace is the northern city of Jutiapa, joined the team in 2003 and has hundred caps in the international ranks. This will be the second World Cup final for Figueroa, who plays for Hull City. Another asset for the team would be forward Carlos Costly, who joined the team in 2007. Costly is currently in good form, scoring seven goals in the qualifying stages and also scoring a hat trick. He and forward Jerry Bengston would be a deadly combination while midfielder Roger Espinoza is also noteworthy.

Honduras progressing from the group stage will be very tough. Their only plan against the formidable Swiss defense would be their corner set pieces and that the Swizz are prone to late goals. Of course Honduras would be hoping for a lot of that to happen all throughout. Ecuador’s defense, however, and their high balls will be tough to tackle for Honduras. France would not be bothered by Honduras.

Even-though Honduras is an ordinary team in paper, Coach Suarez has an ability to defy the odds. Honduras has to bring their A-Game if they are to win this group and move on to the knockout rounds. Teamwork and all round performance is the key for Honduras.

Honduras is set to play France in its first outing of the 2014 World Cup on June 15th. This will be a tough match for Honduras as France has the edge over them.

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