LG PK7 Bluetooth Speaker: The Stone That Sings

The LG PK7 weighs almost 3 kilograms, which is quite a lot for a Bluetooth speaker. However, it cannot be said that all this is in vain: the sound quality was very good. High battery life too happy. However, there are some points that darken the big picture.

LG PK7 Bluetooth Speaker: The Stone That Sings

The sound of the LG PK7 is very cool – with reservations. Both our testers and some buyers of this Bluetooth speaker found flaws in the somewhat deaf sound and excessive bass of the device. Negatively striking is primarily in the reproduction of speech, which is unnatural.

LG PK7 Bluetooth Speaker

very good sound quality
good battery life
atpX audio codec

pretty bass sound
bulky and heavy
no powerbank function
Spatial sound is also not happy at 100%. But in general, the sound can be considered saturated. He may like it even at high volume. As a result, we can rate this parameter very highly.

Comfortable Bluetooth speaker without power bank function

A little less joy can be obtained from the equipment. In particular, the LG PK7 does not have a power bank function for charging mobile phones. The speakerphone feature is presented, as well as IPX5 water protection. Behind the protective grille is an LED light that flashes to the beat of the music. However, it cannot be personalized.

Bluetooth-speaker LG PK7: a stone that can be controlled by a column both through the application and using the buttons on the device itself. Multiple mobile phones can be connected simultaneously via Bluetooth 4.2. And aptX audio codec is supported to prevent loss of sound quality during transmission.

Cumbersome but a standalone device LG PK7 Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth-speaker LG PK7

Bluetooth-speaker LG PK7: a stone that singsPri sizes 320x167x152 mm and weight 2.9 kilograms LG PK7 turns out quite a weighty device. However, wide handles are built into the case, so this should not be a reason that prevents the use of Bluetooth speakers in the open air. The bulkiness of the design is compensated by the high battery life of 15 hours and 32 minutes, which ultimately gives a generally good assessment of mobility. A fully charged battery will be 3 hours after plugging into the outlet.

Recommendation for value for money with top sound

At the time of its appearance on the market LG PK7 with a price tag of 15 thousand rubles. It was really expensive, but at the present time, only 8-9 thousand rubles will have to be paid for the column, which makes the Bluetooth speaker worthy of a price-quality recommendation. For carrying in a purse, the device, of course, is not suitable. But you can get a durable Bluetooth speaker with very good sound quality, which is useful even for a party in the garden.

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