Sharechat Rules For Latest Campaign 2023

ShareChat App is the fastest-growing social media platform that allows users to post and discover content in regional languages. They have certain rules and guidelines that users must follow for the platform safe and enjoyable for all users.

You can participate in the VIP challenge by posting in a particular category and using relevant hashtags related to the category. Anyone can participate, irrespective of whether you have a badge or not. However, stick to your category to have a better chance of winning. You can see tags in the “ShareChat VIP Zone” under Explore section.

Sharechat Rules For the Latest Campaign 2023

No hate speech rule: ShareChat App does allow anyone to use hate speech or discriminate anyone based on gender, orientation, or any other reasons.

No spamming: Users are Also prohibited users from spamming or posting false information on the platform.

No sharing of illegal or harmful content: user does not allow to post any kind of illegal or harmful content on the platform.

No sharing of personal information: you can not share any your personal information, like phone numbers, addresses, or financial information on share chat.

Respect other users: encourages users to be respectful and considerate of other creators, and avaoid from posting any content that may be offensive or hurtful.

Respect the platform: Platform expects users to respect the platform.

note the Sharechat Rules for the campaign

  1. A minimum of 5 weekly fresh posts are to be created in the tag in order to be featured in the leaderboard of which at least 2 must be created using ShareChat tools (Motion video, camera, or status/text tool)
  2. Per day up to the first 20 fresh posts only will be considered for the ranking so it is not based on your “Total Original posts”.

For any queries please check posters in the Sharechat official language account.

Comedy Carnival, it’s divided into 4 Sub Category. In each Category wise, there is 1 ShareChat Kit Gift and overall there will be 7 mega winners. Following will be the gifts for the winners:

´╗┐Rank 1: Mobile Phone

Rank 2: Smartwatch

´╗┐Rank 3 to 7: 1000 Amazon

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