Withdraw Money Without a Debit Or Credit Card From ATM Machine

Without Card Money Withdrawal: People use debit or credit cards to withdraw money from ATM machines. But you know you also withdraw money from an ATM without debit and credit cards. In This Digital Time, You Can Withdraw Money From ATM machines Without Your Debit or Credit Card. Yes, it’s the possible and working way here we share step-by-step information. Using this method you can withdraw money without a Debit Or credit card From an ATM machine.

It’s very useful and important information because sometimes we need urgent money but we don’t have an ATM card in our pocket. so in Urgent money need situation this method helping us lot. For ATM withdrawal without a card, you need your smartphone and Active UPI id and UPI Application.

How to withdraw money from an ATM Without a Card by using UPI

You must need a UPI application on your smartphone to withdraw money without a debit or credit card. It’s a Simple, Fast, and Secure method for withdrawing money.

First, you need to visit ATM that supports a Cardless Withdrawal facility. More than 1500 Active Cardless withdrawal technology ATMs are available in all over India.
Now Open Your UPI app and scan the QR code from the ATM machine.
Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw.
This way you can withdraw money from ATM without having a debit or credit card.

Withdraw Money Without a Debit/Credit Card Using YONO SBI?

If You Have an Account In SBI Bank then Install the YONO SBI Application from Play stores. Log in to Your Bank Account In the Application and set your PIN, Password, etc All details.

Visit Nearest SBI ATM Choose QR Code Based Withdrawal Options and enter the Amount of money you want to withdraw.
Now You saw the QR Code On the ATM machine screen Open YONO SBI App Choose With QR Code Withdraw Option and Scan QR Code From the ATM machine.
Now Popup Windows Open here you need to press continue and Your money withdraw successfully.
So This Way Using YONO SBI Application you can Withdraw Money Without a Credit or Debit card.

If you face any error content your bank branch always stays safe from bank fraud. If you like this information about money withdrawn without a card from an ATM machine then share it with all.

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