Xiaomi Mi 8 – Price, Specifications, Features, Launch date

Xiaomi Mi 8 – Price, Specifications, Features, Launch date: Xiaomi is expected to launch His New next-gen flagship Xiaomi Mi 8 next week. A steady stream of leaks over the past few weeks has revealed almost everything about the device. So let’s talk about a device that is gonna be one of the most feature-packed Android devices out there.

Xiaomi Mi 8 – Price, Specifications, Features, Launch date

The leaked video will show the device as having a semi-transparent back that showcases some of the internals. the phone MI8  does not have a fingerprint scanner on that wonderfully translucent glass. The front doesn’t seem to have enough space for it either. This falls in line with the expected in-display fingerprint scanner on this device.

Xiaomi Mi 8 features and Specifications

Another interesting thing About Xiaomi Mi 8, aside from the clear back, is the notch up front. Yes, the Xiaomi Mi 8 will allegedly have an iPhone X-style notch – that is, a wider most other Android phones that have adopted the notch, that may actually house the cameras and sensors needed for true 3D face recognition. Yes, Mi 8 will be the first mainstream Android device to offer 3D facial scanning which was of course introduced by Apple in the iPhone X.

Mi 8 will also have an in-display fingerprint scanner. a short video of the scanner’s working life has been leaked as well. This means that Mi 8 will be one of the very first devices globally to offer the new functionality that can currently be found on Vivo devices. Xiaomi came out with a new poster and as you can see, it has an enormous number 7.

The Chinese text written underneath roughly translates to “Why is it called Mi 8? Because it is completely beyond expectations, the new smartphone Xiaomi MI 8 brings such a significant upgrade over the Mi 6 that Xiaomi decided to skip a generation. the overwhelming backlash it might have received due to the decision. In fact,

let’s just stick with the 8th-year-anniversary explanation as that sounds much more sensible. Anyway, the device Xiaomi Mi 8 will be launched on May 31st and I’ll cover everything about the device.

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